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As much as I would like a continuation of the X-Files or a third movie, there is literally no reason to create false or misleading rumors. Just stop.


Interview with Chris Carter

"Gender Types."
The Mulder/Scully idea was always in my mind and I wanted to flip the gender types, the stereotypes that we have. I wanted Mulder, the male, to be the believer the intiuiter, and I wanted Scully to be the skeptic - the one which is usually the traditional male role.

"Personal Magnetism."
David Duchovny was an early favorite and he was a pretty easy person to cast. He fit the character that I had written very well and played it with a real, well he underplayed it is what he did and I think that was what won him the part. Also he has a tremendous amount of personal magnetism and sex appeal.

"Obvious Qualities."
Gillian Anderson was a little more difficult, actually a lot more difficult. She didn’t have the obvious qualities that Network Executives have come to associate with hit shows. But she was a terrific actress and she came in and read the part with a seriousness and an intensity that I knew the Scully character had to have, and I knew as soon as she read it that she was the right person for the part.




top 10 quote from the x-files

a madness shared by two

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I’m in a show about the X Files, woohoo! 


now onto jerry-sailoring Frasier….

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